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Admittedly, this blog and its maintainer have eclectic tastes. "Eclectic," as you might suspect, is a nice way of saying that there is very little intertwining theme to any of this. If you end up liking some (or most) of the things I like, you might find that wondrous.

I seek to post only items which are credited to the originator, be it fine art, photography, tattoos, or writing. If you see something uncredited, do feel free to point it out to me. Also: ask anything. Call me out if I fuck up. Give props if you feel like it. Ask questions. I like internet interaction.
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Happy birthday, Jamie!

If there was ever a month for you to be an oracle, this is it. The ancient sibyls would sit over caverns from which emanated gases from deep in the earth, speaking strange prophecies, or as Heraclitus put it, “with frenzied mouth uttering things not to be laughed at, unadorned and unperfumed.” These women usually had male priests interpreting their strange pronouncements. You don’t need the cavern or the priest — your magic is yours alone, and comes through your own damn voice. Find your people and start unraveling the mysteries.

Just two gals enjoying the sunshine and checking on the bulbs. (Both fabulous.)

Self-portrait of the day.

Folks, it has been a hard couple-a weeks.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
At what age did you lose your virginity?
janeanger janeanger Said:


I never lost mine, I just absorb other peoples’, making my virginity grow stronger and stronger in preparation for the final battle. 

Every damn fool thing you do in this life, you pay for.
Edith Piaf’s last words (via yeshecholwa)

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Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess, Janet Hill

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44 plays
David Bowie & Klaus Nomi,
Live Saturday Night Live


Around the 2:20 mark….. music goes beyond music….

Here’s a video, just for further study:

Biggest music error Bowie ever made was to fail to make a record with NOMI!