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Admittedly, this blog and its maintainer have eclectic tastes. "Eclectic," as you might suspect, is a nice way of saying that there is very little intertwining theme to any of this. If you end up liking some (or most) of the things I like, you might find that wondrous.

I seek to post only items which are credited to the originator, be it fine art, photography, tattoos, or writing. If you see something uncredited, do feel free to point it out to me. Also: ask anything. Call me out if I fuck up. Give props if you feel like it. Ask questions. I like internet interaction.
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The restaurant I worked so hard at? The one where I put in 60+ hour weeks for months, and lost 10 pounds I couldn’t stand to lose because I was working so hard I forgot to eat? The one I cried in, laughed in, put my everything into? The one that was profitable within three months, despite all the odds?

They just renamed it YOLO.

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    UG. And with a terrible LOVE park style graphic no less. Booooo.
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