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Admittedly, this blog and its maintainer have eclectic tastes. "Eclectic," as you might suspect, is a nice way of saying that there is very little intertwining theme to any of this. If you end up liking some (or most) of the things I like, you might find that wondrous.

I seek to post only items which are credited to the originator, be it fine art, photography, tattoos, or writing. If you see something uncredited, do feel free to point it out to me. Also: ask anything. Call me out if I fuck up. Give props if you feel like it. Ask questions. I like internet interaction.
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Home, sweet home. 5/365 #365ofLZ #365


Day 111


(Photo by Jordan)

April 2008. Lookit all that hair.




Black compass boots — Target, $50.
Black leggings — Joyce Leslie, $6.99.
Tie dye muumuu, worn as a skirt — Goodwill at Front and Oregon, $6.99.
Black pseudo-sweatshirt — found in the trash.
Gray bomber jacket — Goodwill at Front and Oregon, $11.99.
Gold bangles — Cowtown flea market, 3 for $5.
Black vintage Minolta camera bag, used as purse — stolen from my mother.
Fox tail — $10 from a very strange Republican-hippie store in Connecticut.
Leopard-print snood —, Christmas gift from my mother.

So little of what I own was purchased retail, and you know, I actually am a little proud of that. Nobody else has my muumuu!

Warehouse Gothic

Yes, I restarted.


GDSP #4 is to consist of your reflection. Your image can be reflected from whatever you wish: a mirror, puddle, glass, etc. When taking the photo, look at yourself in your reflection, not at the lens. If possible, do not let the camera be seen in the reflection. This photo can be taken any time of day and your environment can be whatever suits you. The picture can be of either your face or your body, whatever you think best works with the photo and the reflective piece. 

30/365 || Oh, lah-di-dah. In front of Kevin’s grandmother’s kitchen wall, or at least the slice of it that we salvaged from her house and posted it to our own wall.