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If you think I’m joking, look. Ani Difranco is hosting a retreat on a fucking plantation in Louisiana. Several Black women have spoken up. Not only has Ani and her people ignored them, happily updating the location and posting statuses that encourage women to register…

Uhhhhh, hell no.


anonymous asked: Yo, Paula Deen had a choice between sticking to her claim that the N-word never hurt anyone and losing all her endorsements or empathizing with others and keeping millions of dollars. You can not pay this enough woman to consider the feelings of black people. That seems like a great reason to stop paying her to represent your brand to me.


I could not agree more.



I started thinking one day how I’ve never really seen any serious traditional ladyheads of black women in tattooing. If I can’t think of any, that at least means its rare if anything. Sadly, racism still exists in tattooing, and I’ve unfortunately witnessed it countless times. It’s fucked up and it makes me hate a lot of the trends that so many people try to pass off as continuing on tradition. I hope the new generation of tattooers starts to bring in more of their own personality and creates work with care and mindfulness. Our work is too important to ignore our influence. This is a big “fuck you” to all the racist fucks I’ve met in this craft, and hopefully the start of some new imagery from my peers. Beauty is beauty.

Holyhell, yes.

Please give me so much more of this.

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Another thing I don’t like: The thrust of the piece seems to be that white people are afraid to talk about race because black people have made them feel uncomfortable talking about race. Therefore we can’t solve problems in the city, because a conversation is impossible. The implication is that this is black people’s fault. Beyond the way this argument turns the reality of racism and segregation on its head, it just baffles me on a practical level: I don’t get why you’d devote 6,000 words or whatever (the story is really long) to explaining why it’s difficult to have a conversation when you could just go and have the conversation.

Criticism of Philly Mag’s “Being White in Philly”: Doesn’t Make Sense as Journalism | The Philly Post

Jason Fagone of The Philly Post confronts the laziness of a particular cover story on race.

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Philly struggles with race like many places do. The worst part of this to me was that a truly idiotic magazine chose to take on this complex subject matter. I don’t know a single human who willingly reads that rag — it hardly tries to veil the fact that it’s published for rich (white) people who live on the Main Line, some of whom used to live in Philadelphia, perhaps were born here, or who work in Center City. The whole thing was disgusting. But there are people saying it far better than me (including above), so I s’pose I should stick to reblogging them.

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  • you cannot be sexist toward men simply because males are the dominant gender
  • you cannot be racist toward white people simply because white people are the dominant race
  • you cannot be heterophobic simply because heteronormativity is the dominant culture
  • i’m not saying you cannot be prejudice/discriminant of these groups of people but simply that sexism, racism, homophobia, ect are oppressive systems; you can’t be oppressive toward the oppressor

since a friend was asking

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New York City: Trayvon Martin’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, actor Jamie Foxx, and hundreds of activists participate in a candlelight vigil to mark the anniversary of his death, February 26, 2013. Demonstrators symbolically wearing hoodies gathered in New York and Florida on Tuesday to mark the anniversary of the shooting death of the unarmed Black teenager by racist vigilante George Zimmerman.

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Not every white person is a racist, but the genius of racism is that you don’t have to participate to enjoy the spoils. If you’re white, you can be completely oblivious, passively accepting the status quo, and reap the rewards.



1. Police assault a gay man. It is reported and framed as an “anti-gay” attack. White gay people say “look at the terrible violence we face!”

He is a black man.


2. Feminists decry the horrific new developments in regard to the criminalization of pregnancy, i.e. people with uteri who are prosecuted and/or sent to prison for refusing a c-section, having a miscarriage or stillbirth, having a mental illness, being perceived as “irresponsible”, et cetera.

White women: “this is happening to women!!!” News stories invariably show the pregnant bellies of white women. The stories are written by white women, and are addressed to white women. Which is also cissexist.

This is happening to Black and Native American women like Regina McKnight and Martha Greywind:

First, we describe characteristics of the women and the cases, finding that low-income women and women of color, especially African American women, are overrepresented among those who have been arrested or subjected to equivalent deprivations of liberty.

who are poor, and often living in the South, with its rich history of forced sterilizations and eugenics. South Carolina especially showed preference for sterilizing African American women.

From the report:

For example, in South Carolina thirty-four of ninety-three cases came from the contiguous counties of Charleston and Berkeley.

3. A white Autistic person writes the line, “Being mentally ill means that I am more likely to be shot by police”, and explains why hiding a mental illness can be a survival tool. 

Unfortunately, here in reality, those Autistic people who are shot to death by police can’t hide the immediate, visual fact that they are Black men.

Stephon Watts, 15


Ernest Vassell, 57


Stephen Eugene Washington, 27


Roger Parker Jr., 9

Who was not killed, but was beaten by police and then arrested for aggravated assault to a police officer. [LINK INCLUDES IMAGE OF BATTERED CHILD]

4. The face of LGBT activism is white gay men writing about police violence toward white gay people. Pepper spray at a Pride Parade is big news. In fact, many articles defend a white gay man who assaulted a Black woman and told her to “go back to Africa”. White gay men love to write about how subject to violence they are.

The problem with that is, almost all of the violent crimes including murders are against gay people of color

and almost all of those (44 percent of overall) are against the “t” in LGBT

and nearly all of those crimes are against Trans* women of color

And those women are quite likely to be prosecuted, harassed, and/or arrested/assaulted by police when they are the VICTIMS of a violent crime.

Also, trans* women of color are sent to prison for surviving a vicious attack. After a trial in which evidence of the attacker’s racism, swastika tattoos, and criminal history is suppressed.

5. Disability advocacy organization in Washington decries disabled children being criminalized, arrested, and prosecuted for minor or nonexistent infractions. News sites report that Mississippi School-To-Prison Pipeline “targets African American AND disabled children”, and uses this image:


When in fact, ALL of the children targeted were children of color:

all of them “children of color,” says Jody Owens, with the Southern Poverty Law Center–were routinely arrested at Meridian schools allegedly on the say-so of teachers or administrators, handcuffed and taken to jail where they were held for days on end without benefit of a hearing, a lawyer, or understanding their Miranda rights.

Meridian county is 55% African-American, and about 70% of schoolchildren are African American.

Disabled children of color face torture, imprisonment, vicious beatings perpetrated by teachers, and are African American children with or without disabilities are 3 1/2 times more likely to receive “disciplinary action” against them in school than white students.

6. There is a huge outcry against the NRA’s suggestion of armed guards at Elementary schools in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

A bare footnote or completely lost in this outcry is the fact that an overwhelming proportion of children of color, especially Black and Latino children, already go to schools with armed guards and police presence on the campus.

The notorious and unapologetic racist sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, Joe Arpaio, has sent out more than 3,000 untrained “posse” volunteers to “police” schools under his purview. This is when his “trained” deputies already torture, abuse, beat, and murder people of color in Maricopa County on a terrifyingly regular basis.

The problem is, if you are a Black student, the campus police may be quite likely to shoot you dead.

To come full circle, the student shot dead by police in the link above also had a mental illness.

Almost every marginalized group that cites evidence of overwhelming discrimination and violence, especially police violence and abuse, is actually citing statistics against African-American members of that group.

The point of all this is that journalism repeatedly fails to accurately report that people of color suffer the overwhelming majority of police violence. The racism built into the very foundations of American society and culture ensures that this violence continues, is under-reported, misrepresented as evidence of criminality, when it fact it is evidence of the criminalization of people of color, especially Black Americans.

If you are a white person, and you experience a particular axis of marginalization and want to give statistics on the violence you face as an oppressed person, especially in regards to police violence, you should consider checking whether these statistics accurately reflect the violence against white members of the marginalized group you belong to.

And also of note: police violence is the measure of which overtly sanctioned violence perpetrated by U.S. government and society is the glaring gateway into overall violence and discrimination perpetrated against people of color, especially Black Americans. It permeates the education system, the medical and mental health systems, the social security and welfare systems, the legal system, the higher education systems, the banking systems, the commercial and entrepreneurial systems, and every single institution.

The intersectional failures on my dash today prompt me to reblog myself, because apparently this is STILL a thing. White people: stop claiming violence targeting people of color is against YOU. It’s not. YOU DO NOT EXIST IN A VACUUM. NONE OF US DO.

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A lot of times people make excuses for old people’s racism, as if racism is just a product of a bygone era and it will die out when the old people do…I always think that if my old people have to suffer racism, your old people should get called on it.